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SALT Group of Arkansas
Granular Level State Tax Consultancy

When was the last State audit in which your company was presented a statement of refund for overstated tax payments?


Through past experience while working with audit assessments, SALT Group of Arkansas, has observed errors resulting in the overpayment of Arkansas State and Local Taxes. The primary area of these errors is attributed to the human factors of our limited knowledge and skills in specialized areas. This is intensified by reliance upon the State's audit review for guidance.


SALT Group of Arkansas offers a service which is unique and not provided by accounting firms. State and Local Taxes have been a secondary concern where most involved have found their answers with state auditors and officials. The problem is state auditors are investigating for understatements, not overstatements of taxes. The staff of SALT Group of Arkansas has career training as ex-employees of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Field Audit, with over thirty years of tax auditing experience.


SALT Group of Arkansas specializes in the review of Arkansas State and Local Sales and Uses Taxes. We will work closely with and assist businesses in evaluating their procedures concerning the payment of State and Local Taxes. SALT Group of Arkansas will also assist in insuring that the fullest benefits are received from the exemptions and Incentive Programs. SALT Group of Arkansas will provide information to clients for current tax changes, and will keep clients apprised of significant information as it arises.


A former State of Arkansas Tax Auditor, Jeff Simmons has almost 30 years of State and Local Tax experience. A graduate of Arkansas State University in 1989, Jeff majored in accounting and minored in computer information systems.


Jeff immediately went to work for the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Field Audit. He was appointed to The Governor's Quality Management Team for Field Audit where his suggestions were implemented into law.


Management of Field Audit selected Jeff to train with the Internal Revenue Service and then to conduct workshops for other auditors in the latest approaches and/or undertakings that would be put into practice.


Through the specialized classes that followed, Jeff would instruct auditors in these specialized fields.


"Sales and use tax issues can be problematic to say the least, and mistakes can be expensive, even to those using their best efforts to properly comply. Bad Boy Mowers has relied on Jeff Simmons and SALT Group of Arkansas to guide us through the sales and use tax minefield of issues, and to ensure that we are out in front of any potential problems. Their guidance, knowledge, and experience are indispensable to our business, and the savings we have realized from relying on their expertise has been significant."

—Scott Lancaster, Bad Boy Mowers


"The SALT Group of Arkansas is our default for any sales tax issues that arise. The savings on overpaid sales and use tax are a great benefit in not only cash flow but future savings in having those manufacturing items exempted. They also keep us apprised of any law changes and hearing decisions that might affect our facility along with answering any questions that we may have as they take time to know our manufacturing process."

—Barry Hulett, VP Administration


"Several years ago, we were faced with a sales and use tax audit that with our best efforts to stay on top of the rules, we found ourselves at odds with the State of Arkansas. It was then we began working with Jeff Simmons.  His knowledge and experience made us realize we had the right person.  He was an invaluable ally.  So, when our company was hit with a major data loss a few years later, we also reached out to the SALT Group for assistance while we worked to recover during the loss.  Words cannot describe the peace we have and the dollars we have saved, having Jeff Simmons and the SALT Group to navigate with us and for us."

—Michelle Laws, Laws Flooring & Rugs


"Having previous first hand experience of the expense of a sales tax audit, we could not afford to be complacent about being in compliance when we received notice of a second audit. A local business in town heard about our audit and introduced us to Jeff Simmons. Jeff stepped in and took control using his expertise and knowledge which saved us thousands of dollars. Jeff's willingness to educate us toward the best practices in the area of sales tax has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company. He is still, to this day, saving us money on a monthly basis. And strives to keep us updated on any new laws. We are very appreciative for Jeff and the SALT Group."

—Butch Cooper, The Steel Yard, Inc.


"We were introduced to Jeff Simmons a few years ago when we were undergoing a sales and use tax audit. Jeff stepped in and gave us expert advice and guidance, assisting us with every phone call or meeting with auditors.  He made the process less overwhelming and stressful and was able to save us a substantial amount of money.  Jeff continues to remind us monthly of any changes that we should be aware of and has helped us to get several large regular purchases exempted from tax.  We will continue to trust and rely on Jeff Simmons and the SALT Group for all our sales and use tax needs."

—Emily McGee, Accounting Manager

"As most companies, you are introduced to experts like the SALT Group of Arkansas when you run into a situation.  Jeff quickly immersed himself into our business model, and with his guidance & knowledge, led to resolving Sales & Use Tax issues.  What appeared to be an overwhelming task, became very manageable through Jeff’s leadership and responsiveness.  Additionally, he recognized opportunities to recover money for the company.  We’re better positioned going forward because of Jeff and his Team. "

—Kevin J. Gray, Managing Director

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