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Areas of Review

   Compensating Use Taxes

   Gross Receipts Taxes (Sales Taxes)

   Local Sales/Use Taxes

   Arkansas Corporate Income Tax

   Federal Motor Fuel Tax

   Arkansas Incentive Programs

   Arkansas Tax Problem Resolutions

Objectives and Solutions

The objective of SALT Group of Arkansas is to identify where a client is incorrectly stating its tax liabilities through misinterpretation of statutes and regulations, being uninformed on recent tax opinions or other circumstances. SALT Group of Arkansas will survey the procedures for collection, accrual, and payment for potential problem areas. Should an overstatement be identified, we will work with the client to prepare a basis for any claim for refund, process that claim, and follow-up to insure that the fullest of benefits are received.


SALT Group of Arkansas can increase your positive cash flow by:


   * Recovery of overpaid taxes for the prior three years.

   * Minimize sales tax liabilities for current/future payments.

   * Qualifying for tax incentive programs.

   * Direct Pay conversion consultation/implementation.

   * Support/source for timely information and opinions.

   * Educational review and training with personnel responsible for tax accrual.



Opinions will be requested in behalf of the client where necessary. SALT Group of Arkansas will seek to obtain favorable rulings, where interpretation of the regulations are unclear concerning the business activity or circumstances.



Today's tax statutes and regulations require planning three to five years ahead to obtain the greatest benefit of its programs. Substantial benefits in refunds and credits may be lost by failure to prepare timely applications prior to initiating work and construction. Also, the benefit programs are contingent upon maintaining qualifications and periodic submission of appropriate documentation.



Fees for services are generally contingent upon the work performed or as agreed upon; the basis for fees can be either at time and expense or contingent on beneficial results -- at your option. As a contingent basis, SALT Group of Arkansas will review the account at no cost to your company beyond the time it takes to assemble the tax records and invoices. Contingency fees are normally 35% to 40% of the refund, credits or benefits.

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